Football Season is Never Over

The SuperBowl may have come and gone already, but football is still alive and well in the hearts of many die-hard fans around the world.

The Broncos won the most recent SuperBowl and guess what? You can buy more than t-shirts and hats to show your loyalty. If you want to get something truly unique for a Broncos fan, check out Joy Jewelers denver broncos jewelry right here online! Here is an example of the type of jewelry found there:

What do you think? It's simple, yet so very elegant, at least I think so. If I knew a serious Broncos fan, this would definitely be on the gift list. Unfortunately the only fan I know is my ex-husband and,, sorry but no gifts for him. 

2015 Disney Trip

I'm going to have to update my Disney Blog to include all the fun we had during our last trip, which was over Halloween last year.  Here's a picture of the family at the Magic Kingdom.

The Things I Find

Since moving back home I have realized my mom doesn't really have enough 'stuff' when it comes to dinnerware to keep p with the amount of people who are now living here. I do not want to have to continuously use her good dinnerware. I thought about buying her new stuff, and I found this Home and Patio Decor Outdoor Dinnerware Tuscan Farmhouse online, which is cool since she could use some outdoor dinnerware as well. I think this set is very nice, what do you think?

I also found a bunch old plates and cups in the attic at my old house. I guess I need to make a decision; either use what I found or buy new. I know, it seems like a no-brainer here, use what I found, but honestly, I need to go with what I think SHE would like. I can always sell the stuff I have stored away.

I have so much to do in only a week's time. I'm completely stressed out and it's my own fault because I am the biggest procrastinator EVER! I know I have to take care of everything I want that is still in the old house before we leave for Disney and we leave on October 24th...doesn't leave me much time, does it?

Next Weekend - DISNEY!

Logged in to my DVC account the other morning to manage the upcoming vacation and this is what I saw...The Old Key West reservation is gone and in its place...A DELUXE STUDIO VILLA AT DISNEY'S POLYNESIAN RESORT!

I had it on my waitlist but really didn't expect to get it! OMGs!!!

Packing Up More Stuff

This coming week the kids and I will have to pack more stuff from the house. One of the guitars we have to make sure we pack up is an acoustic guitar, which I think is the best acoustic guitar for country music, but I'm certainly no expert.

I swear, I have no idea where to go with everything. I'm trying to put a house full of stuff into a small, small, place. It's truly been a nightmare for me :(

Me and My "Little" Girl

Last year Olivia went to a Halloween dance as Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas. I love the picture of her and me :)

Yes, It's Me

I'm's been a long time. I kinda lost my drive there for a while. I'm about to go through a divorce. We've been officially separated since March 2015 - that's when I moved out. He moved at the end of July. Our house is just sitting there, waiting for the bank to take it. He hasn't paid the mortgage in months and is abut $8,000 behind.

I've been moving my own things out, slowly. My kids don't have anywhere to go with a lot of their stuff. Dante doesn't care about most of his stuff, but he made sure to take the keyboard he had over there. It's a melodica and he is NOT about to part with it.

I'll be back here more often, with updates and pictures of my 'new' life. Stay tuned...
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