Olivia's Birthday Weekend

Olivia's 11th birthday isn't until March 27th, but we celebrated this pat weekend. She got two very kick-ass presents! The first was from CJ - he had Aaron VanWhy, who creates guitar inlays, add this custom inlay to her Martin Guitar:

Then I figured I had to 'one up' CJ so I had my friend Jennifer of Jenny BakesAlot, make this Jack Skellington and Zero birthday cake:

How awesome? :D


OK, I have THREE kick ass giveaways to promote! All of these giveaways are over in 2 weeks or less so ENTER NOW!

GIVEAWAY #1: 1,000 Business Cards! 

From Pike Graphics:

  • Win 1,000 business Cards; 16 point stock, UV coated, 4-Color includes shipping! 
  • This is a $200 Package
  • Winner must produce camera/press ready artwork in a PDF file. Need design work? We will design for 50% off and make a press ready file, a $175 value

GIVEAWAY #2: Handmade Guitar Pick Holder

VanWhy Inlay & Design is giving away a handmade guitar pick holder made out of figured Cocobolo (an exotic hardwood) - one in the shape of a pick and one in the shape of a heart - winner chooses one.

GIVEAWAY #3: Skincare – Gift Certificates of $48 – FIVE WINNERS! 

Skin1 has provided me with FIVE coupon codes for the FULL value of this product, which is $48.00! If you win, you can purchase the Eminence Eight Greens Youth Serum for yourself or you can use the $48.00 for another product, even towards a larger order. Either way, five people will get $48.00 to spend at Skin1.com - See more at: http://www.smartbeautifulyou.com/2014/02/giveaway-skincare-gift-certificates-of-48-five-winners/#sthash.A7s84UGa.dpuf

Skin1 has provided Smart Beautiful You with FIVE coupon codes for $48.00 to spend at Skin1.com!

We Rode, Now We Freeze

This past weekend we actually got to ride BOTH days! Hey, it was only in the high 40's but we've had enough of this cold snowy weather. CJ had to actually 'walk' the bike down our alley because of all the snow, but once we got to the side road we were good to go!

Yes this is our Harley :)

And, snow is on the way - today in fact...we were SO CLOSE to spring...*sigh*

Her New Martin Guitar

Since my husband works at C.F. Martin, he seems to collect guitars - more than he ever did. Now, my daughter has an electric guitar and was talking about how she'd love us to buy her the hammond sk1 at guitar center, which is a store I try to avoid, because there is always money spent! That is, until CJ came home with another acoustic :)

She is loving this one - more than her electric guitar. I will have to get some video of her playing it.

Why I Love This Winter

Ok, so I really don't "love" this winter, but...it feels like summer. Yea, I know...what? Ok, this winter the kids have had so many 2 hour delays and days off from school, that it honestly feels like summer. I mean, they've been staying up later, sleeping in most days, it's like the lazy days of summer around here and besides the cabin fever we've all been feeling, it's been nice!

The down side? Oil bills...

Thunderbolts and Lightning, Very Very Frightening

We have gone from a snow storm to an ice storm and to now a thunderstorm…in January…in Pennsylvania! It is crazy! It’s actually in the 50′s here right now, but we’re under a flood warning.

I’m working right now, writing an informative article on this kind of product, but I needed a break. Once I finish it’ll be time to hit the shower and go out for a bit – unless I have to swim, LOL.

Our Yule Bike

We decorated my Harley for Yule - no tree, just a bike :)

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